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lauren.JPGMy name is Lauren "Deadly Knitshade" O'Farrell, and craft saved (and changed) my life.

I am mainly a knitting gal. My Yoda-like knowledge of this woolly world is imparted in our group's weekly newsletter that I have been writing since June 2007. I have also written articles and done interview for various knitting mags, such as knitonthenet, have co-run a fair few fabulous knitting events in and around London, and design and run our Stitch and Bitch London website and blog.

I have been a crafty so and so my whole life deep down, but actually getting into it is something that has bloomed over the last few years (when beating cancer made me realise that I want to do

I co-run Stitch and Bitch London, the city's feisty but friendly knitting Godzilla of a group, which has gone from three to over 700 members in a year. I arrange weekly meetings where we shock passers-by by brazenly knitting in public, and teach anyone for free (or for cake if they have it). I also arranged the bescarfing of all four Trafalgar Square lions with over 160 metres of worldwide knitting in Feb 2007. I have immersed myself in knitting so much that I occasionally dream in moss stitch.

I will try anything crafty at least once, and am known for falling in love with certain crafts and spending hours trawling the net for related crafting gold. I am a firm believer in handcrafted stuff having mysterious healing powers, and in everyone picking something up and putting a little bit of their soul into turning into a one-off fabulous something else.

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