Nerd couture: Ribbon cable belt


Geek chic is the new thing, don’t you know? And with it comes an appreciation for repurposed and recycled materials. This works out well for me, since those are my favorite kinds of materials!

I created this nerd couture belt for an art gallery that sells some of my pieces. Naked Art is a fantastic place unlike just about any other art gallery I’ve ever heard of. They focus on functional art – things that are useful as well as beautiful/interesting/unique. There is color everywhere. They believe you can appreciate art with the naked eye, without high-brow critics mediating.

It’s just my sort of place. Right now they stock my belts made from ribbon cable. Ribbon cable can be found in just about any electronic device. It’s a flat ribbon of wires that are all connected. I get mine by the spool at a local surplus store. I grabbed some slider belt buckles on my last visit to the Army/Navy Surplus store (surplus is a theme with me) and created this fun belt. Why should computers have all the fun?

Nerd couture: Ribbon cable belt - Comments

  • That's GORGEOUS! Who knew computer parts could be so nice looking. I've got some spare circuit boards around that I'm going to have to take a close look at.

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