Stitch and Bitch London Win UK's biggest knitting group

winning%20knitters.jpgBack in February the British Hand Knitting Association ran a nationwide competition to find the largest knitting group in the UK. The prize was £50 worth of marvellous yarn for the winners. From across the country groups sent in their photos, vying for the woolly prize...

The coveted hamper of yarn was won by a giant, ever-expanding radioactive-Godzilla of a knitting group that goes by the name of Stitch and Bitch London, and last week at one of their weekly meetings they were finally presented with their prize. Hurrah! It was a proud moment for all five of the Stitch and Bitch London Stitchettes, who work very hard voluntarily to spread the love of the knit, dig up online knitting treasure in the group's email newsletters, and teach new wannabe knitters for free at weekly meetings.

I have a bit of an inside scoop on the group as I co-founded Stitch and Bitch London back in January 2006. I now spend half my life helping to run it (with my four other fabulous Stitchette team members: Laura Parkinson, Laura DeLaat, Candice Lamb and Joelle Finck). Our non-profit knitting group has been stitching it up in public for almost a year and a half. Back in the early days there were just three of us, you could barely hear the clicking of our needles. At last week's meeting there were almost 50 knitters, and our weekly newsletter now goes out to over 750 knitters bi-weekly.

The Stitchettes are overwhelmed to have their group named the Biggest UK Knitting Group, and happy to get some fabulous yarn for our voluntary efforts (we love what we do, but it is always nice to be recognised for it). Our group motto is "Submit to the Knit" and we are pleased to see so many of you do just that. If anyone out there is umming and ahhing over whether or not to join or start a local group we would heartily recommend it.

Find a knitting group in your area at the official Stitch and Bitch UK site.

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