Geek Craft: Super Mario Needlepoint Scene

marioscene1.jpgThis was one of my ultimate projects for the summer - to take my needlepoint craft to the next level and create a full scene from the Super Mario Bros. games. About 30 hours later, here it is: a complete needlepoint scene from Super Mario Bros. 1 for the NES! The first Super Mario game holds a special place in my heart (as I'm sure it does for a lot of geeky gamers out there) since it was my very first Nintendo game. I have wonderful memories of when my family purchased the Nintendo Entertainment System on a family vacation to Florida when I was seven years old.

Anyway, enough sentimentality and back to the craft - I handstitched this entire piece, including all of the blue background, which definitely took the longest!

marioscene3.jpgThe background definitely took the longest with all of the blue space in the scene. The scene that I chose was in World 2-1, where you could make Mario climb up the vine into the clouds to collect coins.

I definitely plan on creating more of these, either with more scenes from Mario 1 or from the other Mario games to start. This work measures approximately 9" by 11", and I am going to search for a frame for it to hang up on the wall. I also create smaller video game needlepoint patches and magnets for sale in my Etsy Shop.

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  • Abi

    That is incredibly cute, Lauren. And yes, you must be more than a little fed up with blue by now!

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