More cool Business cards you can make

bus%20card%20the%20farm.jpgLast week, Marianne was extolling the virtues of business cards to be remembered by. Since the Shiny Media business cards are bright pink, I figured I'm unlikely to be forgotten. But for those with their own businesses, organizations or groups, a more individual card is a must-have. I had a browse around for some more ideas for cool business cards that reflect who you are, what you do, and what you love.

A great place for inspiration is this online collection of Cool Business Cards. This is a good starting point if you're looking for ideas. Once you can feel the creative juices beginning to spurt out of your ears, hop over to Moo, a great service that lets you print pretty much whatever you want on sexy-looking gloss card.

You can either choose a pre-selected pack of cards made by an artist you like, or get personal and upload your own images - be they photos, your own drawings or designs or computer graphics. And Moo has now introduced personalised stickers, which sound like a lot of fun to me...the service is simple, fast and surprisingly cheap, with a pack of 100 coming in at $19.99 (£9.99). I haven't ordered a set yet, but I had hours of fun just playing with the uploader using my favourite Etsy artists' work. It's addictive.

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