Punk's not dead: DIY safety pin jacket

F4S5AAQF4IX6GE6.MEDIUM.jpgI was really impressed when I saw this customised jacket by Smexy Dead on Instructables. I used to love covering my clothing with safety pins, back in the days when I wasn't using them to secure nappies! I never managed such an elaborate design as this bird though. It's stunning! You really need a lot of patience, but I reckon most of our crafters have bucket loads of that!

The tutorial says the material of the jacket is most important: too flimsy and you'll end up with lots of holes, too thick and you'll struggle to get the pins in. I think this type of customisation would work really well on a canvas bag (like a shopping tote), then you wouldn't have to worry too much about how to wash it.

Punk's not dead: DIY safety pin jacket - Comments

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