How to: Make a duvet cover

duvet%20cover.jpgI find that a change of duvet cover or bedspread can affect the whole look of a room, and make my bed feel newly revived. But when I started shopping for a new cover, I found that everything available was either expensive or ugly. Rather than compromise with something unattractive that doesn't fit my taste, I decided to make my own. But when I went to buy fabric suitable for this purpose, I found that it would be expensive too. What to do?

I found flat sheets in solid colours that I liked, on sale for a very good price, and bought two of different colours to use as my fabric. It was a very easy project, even for a relative beginner to sewing like me. Below the cut are full instructions.

Make sure the sheets you buy are a suitable size. Measure your duvet and then allow a few inches on each side for seams, plus a few more inches to give adequate space for a puffy duvet. Better to have some extra fabric than to make the cover too tight. Given that sheets are sold in a variety of sizes, you'll probably be able to find something that is a reasonably close match. This is ideal, because then no cutting is involved, and no raw edges to be finished.

Take the two sheets and place them facing each other. Generally, at the top edge, there will be a wide hem. Start with these hems top side out. The edge where these hems meet is the last edge you'll deal with in making the duvet cover. Pin the sides and the bottom edge of the sheets, and then sew around those three edges.

Once the three side seams are done, go to the open side, and turn the whole edge out, giving a broad hem. Sew from the outer corner in about 10-16" (25-40 cm) on each side. When you turn the duvet cover inside out, this edge will fold inwards. You now have a wide opening in the centre, into which you can stuff the duvet. Add a couple of snaps along this opening to make a tidy closure -- or, to make it even less complicated, simply leave the opening as is, and allow the drape of the fabric to cover the end of the duvet.

The whole project can be done quickly and for a low cost, and is easy to throw in the washing machine when it needs cleaning. And if you've chosen two different colours as I did, you can flip it over to give a fresh new look to your bed and your room.

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  • wow i honestly didnt think it was that simple well explained

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  • Fantastic information, thanks for that.

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    Great, great, great, great tute! This is the tutorial I am going to use. It's simple and quick. You should write more.

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