Crafty fingers: 3D Japanes nail art

japanese%20nail%20art.jpgA new generation of nail artists in Japan are taking a cue from adventurous crafters, and decorating nails in every way imaginable, using loads of materials not normally found on nails.

My Nail House, intended as inspiration, shows bejeweled nails, polka-dot nails, nails adorned with flowers, stars and even tiny dolphins. Blogs are springing up all over the net, run by practitioners of the craft, including Wow! Pretty nails

It's a far cry from what you'd see clawing its way out of your local nail parlour, although there are now specialists in Japanese nail art working in the US, including Valley Nails in New York's lower east side, and inevitably, stars like Gwen Stefani have been seen sporting the crazy talons.

If you don't find the trend tacky (opinions vary wildly) and would like to have a go yourself, nail art kits are available to buy online from specialist Japanese importers.

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Crafty fingers: 3D Japanes nail art - Comments

  • Joelle

    Wow, they look cool. Not sure if I could wear such long nails myself, but they do look pretty funky.

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