How to: Make a Yarn Pom-Pom

pompom1.jpgPom-poms are a great addition to many knit or crochet pieces, such as adding them to sweaters or purses. If you've ever wanted to know how to make them, here is a great crafty how-to guide that I've put together that will explain how to make these add-ons with ease.

Read over the break for detailed instructions with pictures!

The materials you will need to make the pom-poms are: yarn or wool of our choice, scissors, two pieces of cardboard or cardstock with circles cut out, and a yarn needle (optional). The circles can be sized to however small or large you would like to make your pom-poms; however, they must be the same size. After you cut out two circles of the same size, you will have to cut a circle out of the center as well (as pictured).

pompom3.jpgStep 1: Wrapping the yarn around the circles. Basically, you stack one circle on top of the other, and begin wrapping your yarn through the middle and around. You can choose to do this with your fingers, or you can thread the yarn through a needle and do it that way. I find it to be a bit easier when using a needle, especially once you're almost finished. Just keep wrapping the yarn around and around until the inner circle is completely filled / closed up.

pompom4.jpgOnce you are finished wrapping the yarn around the circle, it should look like this picture. The center of the circle will be completely filled with yarn, so much that you can't pull any more yarn through the middle. Now you are ready for the next step!

Step 2: Cutting the Pom-Pom. Now, you will take a pair of scissors, and go around the edges of the circle, cutting around the edges. You will be cutting through every layer of yarn around the edges completely. Your end result will be the yarn sticking out in all directions, with the two pieces of cardstock still in the middle.

Step 3: Tying your Pom-Pom Together. This is probably the most important step, where you will be securing your pom-pom, making sure it doesn't fall apart. Take a piece of yarn, the same colour as the rest of your pom-pom and tie a knot through the two pieces of cardstock. Make sure your yarn is in between both circles. Tie a couple of knots, and then cut the yarn to be a similar length to the rest of the yarn in your pom-pom. Then, you can cut into the cardstock with your scissors, cutting the cardstock out of the pom-pom entirely.

pompom7.jpgStep 4: The finished product! Now you should have a finished pom-pom! You will have to fluff out the pom-pom, and you might have to trim around the edges to make everything the same length all the way around!

Now, you can create a second pom-pom if you wish, and use them to jazz up any of your knit or crochet works!

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