Top 10 crafty DS-Lite covers: Show your console you care!

ds%20case%20montage.jpgA gadget isn't a proper gadget until it's got a pouch, and a pouch isn't a proper pouch until you've customised it in your own, inimitable style. Quite a few people have been pimping their DS Lites recently, so we've decided to do a roundup of the 10 best DS Lite 'cozies' available on the web, so you can show your gadgets how much you love them. Follow the jump for the complete list!

1. Needlepoint Nintendo

This has to be my personal favourite, as it reminds me of the days when the controls on a Nintendo were about as big as the current consoles. Old school geek points for this one.

2. 1-Up Mushroom crochet DS cozy

This cozy (I think it's fair to use this term for the crocheted ones) is obviously the business, because it's got a mushroom on it. And not just any old mushroom; the sort that'll give you The Power! Get it for $15 on Etsy

3. Smart, 'gun metal grey' felt DS case

This one is your basic, minimalist DS case; a smart wallet that won't make you look like a loser when it falls out of your bag in business meetings. Found on i.document.

4. Pokemon DS Lite pouches


DS Fanboy described these as 'adorable', but then they would, wouldn't they? Both open up at the 'neck' like Pez dispensers, and will treat your prized gadget with the utmost respect. They also have tails!

5. DS Bobble Pouch from Lost Mitten

Our own Lauren made this pouch, and it's a corker. I love the cute bobbles, and would feel far more comfortable with them decorating my DS than bouncing on my bonce...

6. Cozy DS 'sock'


For the DS that won't start on cold mornings. This is a nice traditional-looking design, and won't take to long to knit if you've got the skills. The pattern, from Between Stupid and Clever is available online.

7. Swarovski-encrusted DS cases

A bit 'bling' for my tastes, but hey some people like that sort of thing, not least the guys at Gay Gamer!

8. 'Breakfast' Nintendo DS Lite cover

This is very neat. The outside features a coffee-and-doughnut embroidery, and there's a breakfast-themed fleece inside. The maker points out that you could also use this a spurse to hold your money, ipod, stubby pencils, or 'girlie things such as makeup and tampons'.

9. Grannified floral clutch DS bag

Not quite sure how this made it on to the list, but I'm sure there must be some grannies that own a DS!

10. Who needs a DS anyway?

This one from Carol Esther has all the most important features, and will never give you RSI...

Top 10 crafty DS-Lite covers: Show your console you care! - Comments

  • Wow! I didn't know my Pokemon DS cases would be so popular! I do have to give props out to the person in 6th place with the DS sock. I looked at her pattern for starting dimensions. It's nice to be recognized for your art! ^_^

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