Make your own mini top hat fascinator

many-mini-top-hats.jpgI'm a real sucker for anything hat-shaped and tiny, so I got quite excited when I saw a cute mini top hat on Etsy earlier today. Now, the thing about hats is that the smaller they are, the more people will pay for them. And there's only one answer to that of course: make your own!

So I scoured various Gothic Lolita and Burlesque sites hoping to find simple instructions on making a mini hat. They were surprisingly few and far between, but eventually I found a great little tutorial here. To make a hat using these instructions you'll need stiff craft felt, scissors, needle and thread, a gluegun, a ruler and your choice of decorations. This is where the fun part starts! You might want to browse these fabulous fascinators for inspiration.

Make your own mini top hat fascinator - Comments

  • Ampy

    where can i get mini hats?

  • Those are so cute!!!

  • Debbie

    I would really like to make tiny royal crown that is in the middle of your collage of hats picture for a friend who is a Red Hat Society Queen. Would you be willing to share that pattern

  • leila dekker

    i am intersted to buy mini hats


  • yaya

    I want to make one of your hats but why can't I get through to the page???

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