Project for a rainy day: shower curtain dress

ikea%20shower%20curtain%20dress.jpgThis fabulous, folksy, 60s-style dress would be every bit an object of desire even if it weren't for its highly unusual origin: the fabric used to make it was once an Ikea shower curtain!

Melissa Fehr, owner of the Fehr Trade blog makes all kinds of amazing creations in her house boat on the Thames. This project was the unlikely marriage of the 'Tanja' shower curtain (inset) and a Burda pattern for a wasp-waist sixties style dress. The waterproof fabric leant itself brilliantly to the task, and the dress saw Melissa through the Glastonbury festival (where waterproof clothing is definitely an advantage!) The stiffness of the fabric also provided a bit of extra body, eliminating the need for crinolene said Melissa, who declared herself 'deliriously happy' with how the project turned out.

So next time you find yourself in Ikea, bear in mind it might be the start of your next crafty endeavour!

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