Hello Knitty! Top 5 Hello Kitty craft projects

hello kitty vogue.jpgNow that she's about to make her début in Japanese Vogue, everyone wants a piece of Hello Kitty. I've collected together some of the best Sanrio-style craft projects the web has to offer, so you can be ahead of the curve in Kitty chic.

• Sew a neat hello kitty dolly from whatever cloths and fabrics you have lying around, and give her a whole new style. Basic pattern here.

• There's a pattern here for a Knitted Hello Kitty Plush Doll

• For the 'hookers' among you, here's a similar Hello Kitty crochet pattern.

• There are loads of Hello Kitty cross-stitch patterns here.

• Make a creepy Hello Kitty mask out of sculptamold clay.

Hello Knitty! Top 5 Hello Kitty craft projects - Comments

  • alice

    nothing about hello kitty could be creepy :'(

    how could you even say that??!!

  • Abcd

    I can't believe you called this adorable mask creepy.

  • hkjhk

    hey thxs

  • Whoops, I messed up that second link...


  • Creepy? That was for my daughter's Halloween costume. Hmmm... I thought she looked pretty damn cute!

    If you want creepy...

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