BBC up in arms over adipose knitting patterns

adipose knit pattern.jpgIt's starting to look like Auntie's had a major sense of humour failure over the patterns for the 'adipose' monsters that sprung up on the web following their recent debut on Doctor Who.

After we featured a plush version of the adipose monster that was sold on Ebay, the BBC began to crack down on sales of the toys and of patterns, saying they were a breach of copyright.

At the centre of the controversy is a knitter called Mazzmatazz, who was ordered to remove all Doctor Who related patterns from her site, even though she was not charging for them. I can't help finding this more than a little unfair, particularly when all of us in the UK pay a license fee to the BBC each year. I also think it would be terribly sad if all amateur versions of popular TV icons were banned, since they can throw up some very funny results.

BBC up in arms over adipose knitting patterns - Comments

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