How to make a basic rag doll

how to make a rag doll.jpgI love rag dolls -- they're such a fantastic blank slate, so easy to make, and ready to take on whatever personality you want to give them. Will that featureless doll become a gentle, raggedy-Ann or a multiply-pierced, pouting goth doll? The choice is yours!

Before you get to the fun part of making the facial features, hair, clothes and accessories for your doll, you'll need to make sure its body is in proportion, or else you could end up with a hairless teddy instead of a plush human.

I've found a simple pattern here to save you having to do the measurements. Enjoy!

How to make a basic rag doll - Comments

  • Annie

    Hello, again;

    I think I was able to find the same pattern at this website: .

    I hope this helps!!!

  • Annie

    Hi; like everyone else, I was just wondering if I could perhaps get a copy of the pattern for the Basic Rag Doll emailed to me. Thank you so much in advance!


  • Hi. Sadly the website that had this original pattern has been taken down.

    We've linked to a similar pattern in the post above but the exact one no longer exists.

    We're not able to individually email anyone so please check the link.

    Happy sewing!

  • miranda Donald

    could you please send me the pattern for the basic rag doll. The link does not seem to work at the moment. Thanks and look forward to receiving it.!

  • Donna

    Would you please send me a copy of this rag doll patteren.

    Thank You

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