How to upholster a chair (no sewing required)

how to upholster a chair easyThis is most definitely what we call 'cheating', but what the heck: if you've got an old chair you would otherwise want to throw, why not give it a quick and easy re-vamp that will add a few more years to its lifespan?

Mad Housewife knows a thing or to about short cuts to success, and has some simple instructions on how to transform an old chair by stapling on new fabric. Going to work on an old chair can be a lot of fun, especially when you can experiment with patterns, so why not give it a go this weekend? Follow the jump for the instructions.


1. find a cheap second-hand chair with nasty upholstery, and new nicer upholstery, from fabric shop.

2. take it apart by whatever means necessary- may involve bravery.

3. staple new fabric on the upholstered parts- for simplicity, it can go right over the old stuff, but upholstery fabric shops sell the padding and canvas that might need replacing underneath too.

4. put chair back together again, following how it was put together originally.

No sewing involved, and the fabric stretches into the right sort of shape all on its own, with a few folds round the edges. Tip for cheapest ever upholstery fabric- rag rugs from IKEA etc. They are tougher than dress fabric, and very cheap indeed. These are 6 feet long, and will cost you less than a tenner. Also great for making new seats and backs on old directors' chairs.

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