How to sew your own Obi Belt

obibelt.jpgEmily Tan writes:
Cinched waists are still a hot trend and one of the prettiest ways to achieve this look is with the Obi Belt. Retailiers sell it for top dollar, but why buy when you can make your own? Essentially a wide rectangle with two longer, thinner rectangle straps, making an obi belt is quick, easy and patternless. I've rounded up some of the best instructions on the net complete with variations.

Traditional brocade obi (pictured): Based on instructions found in Thread magazine, Helen of Sewstylish creates her own exotic obi belt. You'll find her instructions, her experience of the project and some tips.

Cute variations
: Simplicity has two free patterns available that are modifications on the obi belt. These belts will look great with that simple summer dress.

Aaarrrhh!:This crafster adds some punky goth chic to a traditional design with her piratey skull and bones version.

And finally: You gotta know how to tie it. Here's the video.

Things I wish I had done different with my Obi Belt
There's a reason why the obi belt I made myself isn't pictured. Oh sure it's wearable it's just... meh. Here's what I'll do different next time:

  • Funky material. And all-matte-black obi is good in theory, but in person it's rather boring. wish I had used more interesting material or at least contrasting straps.

  • Gone wider. I went for 4" it came out more like 3" and that was borrrring. Next time, it'll be 5".

  • Used interfacing to support the flimsy material. If it's not thick brocade, it will flop and wrinkle.

Written by Emily Tan

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How to sew your own Obi Belt - Comments

  • K.

    I was just searching Obi Belt patterns and came upon this site, what you had to say about making improvements on your belt...and I thought that maybe you could put boning in it to hold the shape/integrity of the "shape" of the belt. Just a thought. On Etsy, I found some beautiful belts this gal makes...I think her "name" on there is redcurrydesigns. Anyway, if you look her up, you might find some ideas. Here's a website with an example that I just love:

    The cincher, I'd leave out so it's solid in the back, but other than that...I just love the shape, style, and the fact that it's reversible is a plus. Hope this is of interest to you!



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