Crafty ideas for pasta sauce jars needed!

pasta sauce jars.jpgThe guys over at Recycled Crafts posed a very good question today when they asked "what can you usefully do with old pasta sauce jars?" Despite never really eating the stuff, I personally seem to have amassed a great number of them, and was asking myself the same question only this afternoon. Being made from glass, they take up a fair bit of space and are quite heavy, so having empty ones about the place is no use to anyone...

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So what can you do with these jars? Here are some really great ideas from Apartment Therapy:

1. A drink shaker or cold drink storage - Add some lime juice, fresh ginger, basil or some cucumber to a jar of water, put the lid on and give it a little shake. Then stash in the fridge until you need some refreshment, or use one to make your cold-brew coffee!

2. Breakfast to go - Add porridge, dried fruit and a little flaxseed to a jar and put it in your bag. Once you're at work, add some hot water, mix well and enjoy.

3. Leftovers - Instant non-plastic, non-leaching, non-staining, BPA-free container for food. Great for soups.

4. Storage of bulk foods - Re-use what you've got for storing sugar, flour, grains, rice, etc. from your local grocer's bulk food section.

5. Organization - During our ongoing green renovation, we've amassed various screws and nails of all sizes. The jars help keep things organized, are very durable and clear so you can see what's inside.

6. Home-made garden lanterns: frost the glass and use the jars as lanterns to brighten up your garden

7. Make your own flavored olive oil - Fill a jar with oil, add some herbs like rosemary or lemon verbena, cap tightly and let sit for a few days. Then enjoy over salad or on pasta.

8. Piggy bank - cut a slit in the lid, decorate with a ribbon or recycled wrapping paper, and let the pennies add up.

But can you do better? Please send me your ideas, before I give up and sweep mine into the waiting bin!

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