Yarny Tat

  • Kristin

    Absolutely beautiful, all the colors are stellar :3 I just got a yarn tattoo on my ankle/foot, is there any way to submit? :) crocheting = <3

  • andra

    @first comment

    obvious troll is obvious.

    cool tattoo.

  • ninfa

    this is something that would make a wonderful mem tattoo for my mother she loved crocheting and knitting ... i miss her so much

  • Leticia

    Hey...Love these tattoos!!! I share your passion for creativity, and I was looking for inspiration and foud these pics and adore them!!! Without "sewing" there wouldn't be any clothing or fashion brands... some people!!!

  • dag

    ha! it's not even "sewing" numb nuts! it's knitting. take a class. and its a very nice looking tattoo to boot!

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