Super tall layered rainbow birthday cake

SkyHighCake.jpgNothing I can say will do justice to this spectacular, multi-layered and multi-coloured birthday cake, so let us marvel at its towering tiers of goodness and salivate at its fantastic frosting. I can imagine the child whose mother makes such creations gaining sudden popularity in the playground once word got around that this sort of treat was on offer at her kitchen table...

But underneath all that icing, the structure of this great edifice is surprisingly simple, and you could even say, disappointing. Read on after the jump to see how it's put together and how to make your own.

That's right: take away the frosted exterior, and it's just a pile of cakes stacked on top of each other! (albeit ones that have been dyed every colour of the rainbow first). This effect can be achieved using normal food colouring during the cake-making process.


Visit Off the (meat)hook to find out how to make the frosting and find out more about how this fun, family recipe came to be.

Super tall layered rainbow birthday cake - Comments

  • I would love to make this someday! Thanks for the link.

  • shilpa


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