Sarah Palin Piñata: sweet on the inside...

sarah_palin_pinata.jpgLast week, I pointed out that Sarah Palin made a great pumpkin, but with just over a week to go till election day, things have got a little more hardcore and the gloves, it seems, are off.

This gigantic Sarah Palin piñata was sent in by a reader who had a close encounter with it at a party this weekend. I'm guessing the assembled gathering weren't entirely sympathetic to Palin's policies, as the candy-filled Sarah effigy was enthusiastically pummelled by guests before eventually making it onto the BBQ where she was 'formally sacrificed'...

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Charles of Tipped, the crafty brains behind the piñata explained to me that the sweet-filled Sarah was basically a large cardboard box, on to which he stuck a photograph he'd blown up to a giant size, then decorated with crepe paper tassels. He then filled the box with Quality Street and Roses chocolates, and let his guests get to work. You can use these simple instructions to make a piñata of anybody you feel deserves the 'honour'!

Go here for more pictures of the event, which involves an equally cool 'red hot chilli' piñata and some other crafty party ideas.

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