The definitive Doctor Who scarf pattern

Whatever your views may be on the new and disturbingly youthful Doctor Who may be (isn't it a bad sign when doctors start looking young?) you can hark back to the good old Tom Baker days by knitting yourself an authentic Doctor Who scarf - and I don't think the BBC have any patents on this one!

Visit for patterns for every scarf from the fourth series! [Via Craftzine]

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The definitive Doctor Who scarf pattern - Comments

  • Ian Martin

    this is a colour variation of the scarf Tom Baker wore. Although the reference picture is wrong he did wear the pattern shown in the how to photo.

  • Lauren Voswinkel

    Second column from the left, the green 54 should be brown, looking at the reference photo.

  • Rez

    I like how the URL clips from the 'f' in 'scarf' so now looking at it one would have to think twice what it means. See: the_definitive_doctor_who_scar.html :D

  • Stoogalishus

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!! 

  • ellenlindna

     Thanks, Stoog!  Doctor Who rules!

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