Sackboy and Hellboy crochet mashup

hellboy-sackboy.jpgThis is what happens when you cross everyone's favourite cute gaming hero with a super-strong half-demon: meet HellSackBoy! She said of the doll: "I designed his head, right arm, cigar, faux zipper, shorts, and tail. The left arm (the only unmodified part) comes from this Etsy pattern.

The similarities in the two characters are uncanny when you closely at this little guy, but credit for fusing the two has to go to Caustic Muse who crocheted the doll and submitted it to our Sackboy Group.

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Sackboy and Hellboy crochet mashup - Comments

  • I would love to give this a try but the original Sackboy pattern (Etsy??) link is broken and there are so many versions out there. I want to at least start with the right version. Does anyone else have the original pattern link?

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