• The legs are a straw! The shoes are made out of Fondant, the hat is a chocolate wafer cookie with a hershey kiss. The black is an edible flake. Hope that helps!

  • Chicadee

    Use your imagination! Use any chocolate cookie whether it is a sandwich cookie or a chocolate wafer. Candy kiss for tip of hat. Use pretzel rods alternate chocolate and white chocolate for the stripped effect for stockings. Use any gumdrop type candy to form the shoes, as long as they are red! Most important of all, have fun making them!

  • The hat could be made out of an Oreo and a Hershey's kiss. I believe the legs are pretzel sticks which are dipped in white/chocolate icing for the striped effect. The shoes could be made out of gumdrops that are shaped into shoes. Just an idea. :) 

  • jennifer

    this cupcake is the cutiest iv seen. I want to make them for my daughters class and was wondering what you used for the legs and shoes. thanks you i hope to hear back

  • Michelle Sauve

    Hi there, I too would like to know what you used..I am the baker this week for my dd's Brownie troop...Thanks!!!

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