Halloween Craft: Spray-painted pumpkins

spray-paint-pumpkins.jpgWe're all about the 'alternative' Jack 'O' Lantern this year, so if you don't want to get involved with the messy business of carving up a pumpkin and removing its innards, fear not, there are plenty of ways to make a spooky lantern!

Last week, we looked at carving up an artificial pumpkin, but today I spotted these eerily spray-painted pumpkin faces in the window of a local shop. The result is a brilliant trompe l'oeil effect that really makes the viewer double-take, but the drips of paint are an additional feature that works well.


To create these faces, all you need do is create a paper stencil with the design of your choice, then spray into the gaps. You can always download one of the popular pumpkin stencils doing the rounds then get busy with the paint and then giggle as you think of all those poor sods breaking their wrists as they carve out the same design. Hey, remember Halloween's not meant to bring out our caring, sharing side!

Halloween Craft: Spray-painted pumpkins - Comments

  • Abi

    How funny, this shop was in Highbury (Well, top end of Upper St) too, which is an odd coincidence. Could be a micro-trend!

    Which shop is selling those? They are rather lovely.

  • Jess

    LOVE them! Super duper. I found these in a shop in Highbury the other day: http://twitpic.com/mqrwk There's loads of these hollow veggies all on a string of lights. There's a sign in front of them that says 'don't let pumpkins have all the fun this year'. So wonderful!

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