How to: make steampunk goggles

Steampunk-Airship-Goggles.jpgI don't know about you but I'm always under the impression, living in London with its underground unknown miles, that eventually a time-machine with a giant drill on the end will burst through the paving stones outside St Paul's, inflate into a dirigible and whisk me away to steampunk heaven. A place where everything is covered in cogs and pipes and smells like engine oil and incense.

When it does happen it helps to be ready for the event, and wouldn't you know it Instructables leap to the rescue once more with their Steampunk Airship goggles tutorial.

The goggles cost their creator less than $30 to make. Sourcing the bits sounds like a challenge too as you'll go from seeking charity shop leather shoes to plumbing couplers. All a bit steampunk before you even start crafting.

Watch out for those sneaky flying Glass Pirates though. They'll have them off your head if you don't keep them strapped tight during a sky battle.

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