Graffiti knitter hunt continues

saltyknits.jpgGraffiti knitting isn't new. People have been yarnstorming for quite some time now. Some are are perfecting the original format of covering stuff in a bit of handknitted cosiness while others are using their stitching to tell slightly sinister stories. The media are taking a while to catch on but a guerrilla knitter in New Jersey is finally turning a few heads with their sneaky stitching.

Dubbed 'The Midnight Knitter' by the people of West Cape May where the street knitting appears, this yarnstormer calls themself 'Salty Knits' and has been flinging fabric and wrapping trees throughout the town.

The mayor has said police are looking into it as the knit tags are done on public property without permission but she seems to rather like it herself. The residents don't seem too outraged by the sudden appearance of knitting in their neighbourhood either.

Whoever you are we salute you for bringing sneaky stitching to your streets. May your yarn stash be plentiful and your purling always stay one stitch ahead of the law.

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