Graffiti knitting explained

yarnstorm.jpgWho would have suspected that Good Housekeeping would be on the cutting edge of sneaky stitching?

Lo and behold they are as the online leg of the magazine hunts down some of graffiti knittings most notorious needle wielders to explain the yarnstorming phenomenon.

Olivia Gordon wanders through the world of unexpected wool and tries to work it out by talking to the likes of Magda Sayeg from Knitta, Deadly Knitshade from Knit the City and Rachael Elwell of Art Yarn.

She looks into why they do it, how they do it, how it might be used for good and what happens when the authorities get involved.

More yarnstorming getting a bit of press. Next stop the world.

Graffiti knitting explained - Comments

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