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oakhill.jpgKnitting can be a cathartic thing when you're going through the shock and sadness of losing someone. It's with this in mind that residents of Oak Hill in West Virginia, USA came together to knit an epic scarf for someone they had loved and sadly lost.

The 1,700-foot pink hand-knitted scarf was stitched in honour of Terri Massey, a 41-year-old Oak Hill woman who had recently been lost to breast cancer. From a small idea the scarf grew until it was large enough to surround the local stadium as a decoration for their charity 'Relay for Life'.

Charity knits like this are comforting for those who feel hopeless in the face of cancer and other illnesses. I know this very well after the London Lion Scarf project I ran with Stitch London in 2007. We were sent scarf contributions from 15 different countries around the world and each had a story some sad, some silly and all heart-squeezingly poignant.

The Oak Hill Scarf will now make its way around other events to raise more awareness.

There are even instructions to knit or crochet your own part if you wish to join in.

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