How to: turn an old t-shirt into funky undies

18 Finished Underpants Back.jpgWe all have t-shirts that we love to death and find it hard to part with when they start to lose their t-shirt youth. You've been through so much together why should you throw your beloved tee away? What better way to honour your t-shirt than by turning it into a pair of funky undies and giving it a whole new life?

The Zen of Making's
Haley Pierson-Cox quite agrees that loved clothes should be allowed a second chance. The Brooklyn magician of making shares her plan for turning an old t-shirt pantswise to help you 'upcycle' for the ultimate in undie creation.

Haley uses one of her husband's old t-shirts in her tutorial, which suggests he was finished with his tees.

We suggest you ask the t-shirt wearer before you start creating undercrackers, or, if they have one you really like, you can always spill curry/red wine/engine oil on it to make it unwearable and perfect pants material...

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