Knitting in the World's Smallest Stop-Motion Film

NOKIA-DOT.jpgWant to see something utterly amazing and very crafty? Stand by to be awed as a tiny plastic heroine runs for her life in a teeny tiny unravelling world.

Dot is the world's smallest stop-motion film, and when I say small I mean miniscule. It was filmed using a Nokia N8 phone attached CellScope microscope, a device invented to help diagnose disease in the developing world.

Aardman Films (creators of Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and the grinning beasts of Creature Comforts) used a 3D printer to create Dot herself and painstakingly handpainted each of the 50 9mm high figures. The whole set, involving buttons, bees and all manner of tiny bits and bobs, fits on one long table. You can see more about creating the small story in the Making Of video.

The end result is jaw-droppingly amazing and heart-squeezingly cute. They even manage to get a little knitting in there too.

I bet you watch it more than once.

Knitting in the World's Smallest Stop-Motion Film - Comments

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