Crafty Art: chewing gum pavement pictures

chewing_gum_art.jpgGraffiti heroes are the ones who inspire with their street art. Far from just tagging their unreadable name in spray paint, these artists take public art to inspiring new places and lead passers by with them. You've all seen the city's pavements strewn with chewing gum but how many of you see them as tiny canvases?

Lucky for us someone does. Ben Wilson has just been featured in a BBC video for his unusual form of street art. Ben hunkers down on the streets of London and paints on the chewy canvases that are people's discarded gum.

Much like artists Slinkachu, with his modified model railway figures and Knit the City's yarnstorming, Wilson works with his environment and paints with a sense of humour and community.

You can see more of his work in an exhibition early next year and there's a Flickr group and Facebook page where you can share the masticated masterpieces you find.

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