Christmas knits: Tiny Hat Advent Calendar

hat_advent_calendar.jpgThe countdown for Christmas continues with day two's free knitting pattern. It may be a little late to begin knitting an advent calendar but when you see this one you'll see why it might be worth starting. Stand by for epic bobble-hat cute.

Nothing beats things that are meant to be big made tiny and in great numbers. Therefore it's tough not to fall madly in love with this free Adventskalendar knitting pattern from LandLust at first sight. It's tiny knitted hats from bobble hat to elven cones dangle from string with a festive jiggle.

The only hiccup is the PDF download is in German so it's a bit of a blank spot if you're German speaker. But I think once you get a gander at each of the hats on there it's a good bet most savvy knitters can work out the rest.

Here's Google translate's version of their website for you to peruse. You can also see how folks on Ravelry made theirs.

As they say in Germany "Fröhliche Weihnachten!"

Christmas knits: Tiny Hat Advent Calendar - Comments

  • beatricesaglio

    I love them!!!!! Very nice

  • Dottie

    Fishing around with Google, and using Google's cached pages, I found a page where the file could be downloaded! Enter the following URL, and you should get a PDF, which will either display in your browser, or be downloaded (depending on how you have your browser set).

  • Betsy

    Now i just need my german/english dictionary, so i can figure out all of the german knitting terms. Thanks!!

  • deadlyknitshade

    Check Ravelry. There might be an English version now. :)

  • sarah.

    i want to make this!

    but the website says it cant be found...

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