How to: make a playable edible Angry Birds cake

angry_birds_cake.jpgAngry Birds is a bit of a game phenomenon. There are those of us obsessed with throwing grumpy chickens at pigs to the point where we eye farm yards expecting a giant catapult to be in the vicinity. One of those people is Mike Cooper over at Electric Pig.

Mike fashioned a playable and entirely edible Angry Birds cake for his son's birthday and filmed the whole thing. When the video became a Youtube hit the generous guy decided to show the world how to make an Angry Birds cake from marzipan moulding to pig-popping chaos.

Chicken-flinging, cake-munching fabulousness. Get baking, those pigs won't explode themselves you know.

How to: make a playable edible Angry Birds cake - Comments

  • Oh this is so cute! I am addicted to the Angry Birds game (for a 28 year old lady)and I adore this cake.

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