Rest in Fleece with a Woollen Coffin

wool_coffin.jpgWe all know we can't go on crafting forever. Eventually we'll shuffle off this mortal coil and when we do why give up that crafty tradition? This Woollen Coffin from Hainsworth will help you (and the bits of craft kit you will have interred with you just in case you wake up and get bored) rest in fleece.

It boasts "a true 'green' lineage that is both sustainable and biodegradable", is lined with organic cotton and is attractively edged with jute. And if you'd rather go up in smoke there's a woolly ashes casket too.

A fine fabric final resting place for even your craftiest cadaver. And you should be able to fashion it into a suit should you unexpectedly come back as a zombie.

Rest in Fleece with a Woollen Coffin - Comments

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