Final Fantasy meets stop-motion animation

final_fantasy_stopmotion.jpgFans of the Final Fantasy series grab your popcorn and settle down for 8-minutes of heroic plastic deeds as the characters of your favourite video game burst onto the tiny screen.

Sephiroth the World's Enemy, is a fabulous little stop-motion movie made using plastic action figures of our heroes Cloud and Aerith and evil Sephiroth, a tiny green screen and household objects. There's explosions, magic spells and tiny plastic violence, and for die-hard Final Fantasy 7 fans there's a ton of little touches in there to take you back to the 100+ hours you spent playing the game (best gameplaying hours of my life).

You can see how it was all done over on the maker's Stop Motion and Movie blog.

Pretty amazing for a movie made on someone's kitchen floor, no?

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