Margaret Atwood knits extinct birds on Ravelry

gone_birds.jpgJust when you thought knitting couldn't get much cooler Booker Prize-winning author Margaret Atwood goes and joins Ravelry. What's she knitting? Extinct Birds, of course!

Twitter was all aflutter when Ms Atwood posted this last month:

OK #ravelry, I did it. Pseudonym. 14 characters. Clue in one of the Moral Disorder stories. :D You love untangling things!

Since then fans, knitting and non-knitting have been agonising over what her username might be as a series of clues were tweeted. We won't spoil it for you if you want to find her yourself.

Her first project will be an Extinct Bird for the Ghosts of Gone Birds art/extinction show. She hopes it will knit together the two communities of birdwatching and knitting, and also help raise funds for the Preventing Extinctions programme.

Find out more over on her Idolvine blog post and start stitching some brilliant lost birdlife.

[Thanks to Bridge over at Twitter for the tip]

Margaret Atwood knits extinct birds on Ravelry - Comments

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