Review: Green's Strawberry Cupcake Kit

cupcake3.jpgCupcakes with a jammy centre! Guest reviewer Emma Toft makes cupcakes from a kit:

When I was asked to review Green's Strawberry Cupcakes mix I was quite excited. These are no ordinary cupcakes. Oh no, these have a strawberry filling. I was intrigued as to how this filling finds its way into the centre of the cupcake. Off I went to create them and find out the secret to their power.

Here's what you get: a packet of cake mix, a packet of buttercream frosting, two small packets of strawberry filling, six cupcake cases and a nozzle. You make the cake mix in the conventional way; add an egg, water, butter and little bit of whizzing power. The box tells you to fill them 1/3 full, which I set about doing. However, I only had enough mixture to fill five of the six cases.

They rose brilliantly in the oven and looked great. Next the filling goes in by cutting a circular hole in the cake and squeezing the strawberry filling into the hole. Finally you replace the piece you cut out. Not so much super power as super sneaky, but it all gets covered with the icing.

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greens_cupcakes.jpgThe icing is really simple to make. You just add butter and a little water and blitz it. The icing mix bag doubles up as a piping bag, so you fill it with the icing and squeeze it into swirls on top of the cakes. This was the best part of the process, especially as you get to decorate the cakes after icing them (I used edible glitter and bought icing swirls).

All in all they turned out very pretty, and tasted rather yummy which is, after all their job, so they definitely delivered on those counts. However, the box claims that the pack makes six. I'm afraid I only managed to make five cupcakes and ran out of icing for the fifth one at that, so only really four full cupcakes. A good thing to do on a rainy day when you've got a sweet craving, but not if you are expecting five friends around for tea!

Green's Strawberry, Blueberry and Lemon Cupcakes
are sold in Asda and Tesco, RRP £2.15.

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