Edward Scissorhoofs - My Little Pony meets Tim Burton

edward-scissorhands-pony.jpgAn Edward Scissorhands My Little Pony? Just when you think you've seen it all in the world of craft someone goes and proves you utterly utterly wrong.

This hand-customised little horse, based on the lead character in Tim Burton's snippy cult film, is just one of a whole herd made by Finland-based artist Mari Kasurinen.

Her gallery of four-legged friends includes ponies in the style of Princess Leia, Cthulu, Marilyn Monroe, Vivienne Westwood and Michael Jackson. There's also a whole lotta Johnny Depp in there from Alice in Wonderland to Cry Baby.

My fave is the My Little Han Solo in Carbonite.

Beats the pants off the prissy plastic pony originals. Crafty customisation does it again.

Edward Scissorhoofs - My Little Pony meets Tim Burton - Comments

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