Crafty buy: unravelling knitted 2012 calender

unravelling_calendar_VandA.jpgAnyone who knits will know that satisfying feeling of unraveling a piece of your handmade hard work. Yes, it is usually a tragedy when a knit needs to be undone but even the most tragic frogging (knitters term for when you rip your work back 'ribbit ribbit') has an element of pleasure as the stitches pop undone one by one.

That's probably why most of the knitters I know will be hankering for this little lovely being sold at London's Victoria and Albert Museum shop. It's an Unravelling 2012 calendar, machine knitted with care, just so that you can undo it. The best bit is that it isn't your own work, so there's no horror involved.

The calendar itself was dreamed up by German designer Patrick Frey.

Watch and wonder at the woolly work simply disappearing...

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