Handmade Christmas Countdown: How to wrap presents - monster style


So, the present shopping crazyness has begin with all it's heavy bag lugging delight, but finding unique ways to wrap your presents is often a tricky task.  

In the past I've made my own tags from old cards I've received throughout the year

(Just cut the front part of the card into 'gift tag' size, punch a hole in the top and thread a small piece of ribbon through - but you knew that already, right?)

I've also brought cheap baubles from the pound shop and written in marker pen the recipients name - always a hit.

But, never before have I thought of wrapping up my presents in a monster way.  Follow this awesome how to on wrapping presents monster style and your gift wrap will double as a little present in itself! 

This neat little how to was created by Agnes over at Knock-knocking and includes some beautiful colour photos to guide you through her process. 

All you need to do now is decide which of your lucky friends would like to receive a cute little monster on their wrapping - not such an easy task!

[Image from Knock-Knocking]

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