Help London's amazing graffiti gallery build The Wall

the_wall_london.jpgStreet Art can be many things: inspiring, controversial, day brightening, sneaky, impressive, annoying or jaw dropping. When an artist really puts an effort into a piece of art displayed on the street it is a thing of beauty to behold. Then some council workers come along and clean it off or paint over it! The horror!

The Wall, dubbed 'London's most public gallery' and run by Village Underground, is an inspiring idea that will help some of London's most amazing street art stay put for the public to admire.

For years a huge wall on London's Great Eastern Street has been host to street artists from all over the world painting in the wall's 'picture frame' 4 by 3 metre recesses. The likes of Steve Powers and Shepard Fairy have had a go, along with some incredibly talented local artists.

The Wall project is an idea to evolve this informal street art gallery project and turn it into an amazing permanent art space. They're funding it via Kickstarter . At the time of writing this there are only 10 hours to go before their deadline. Eek!

If you fancy being a part of giving street art a place to shine hop over to The Wall's Kickstarter page and give them a few quid. Rewards include limited edition postcards, a sneak peek behind the scenes, your name etched into a brick on the wall itself, to the chance for you to repaint the iconic tube trains on their roof!

Along with that you get that warm fuzzy feeling of helping fund something inspiring. Win win. Get over there and help kickstart something amazing. Go on.

[Image via Village Underground]

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