Comic Craft: The Phoenix Comic is hatched

phoenix_comic_pics.jpgWhatever happened to those brilliant comics that lined the lower shelves of your corner shop when you were a kid? The Beano and The Dandy still live but the selection is pretty thin when it comes to original funny comic adventures for children in the UK. Sigh.

Hang on, what's that fluttering of fabulous comic wings? And where is that squawking laughter coming from? The Phoenix has hatched!


The Phoenix is the new weekly story comic for children. It features new, original and sensational story-strips (at least seven every issue), some hilarious, some thrilling and some just downright weird, from some of the UK's brightest comic stars, as well as clever puzzles, fantastic how-tos and loads of lovely competitions.

The Phoenix really is a proper comic too. It treats kids like they have brains in their heads, senses of humour and ideas of their own. It's also printed on rather lovely paper and in eye-poppingly bright colours which scream "Read me!".

how_to_make_comics.pngThere are dinosaurs carrying pirate ships on their backs, cowardly space captains flying about in giant cats, a battle between feisty rabbit with enormous ears and a very annoying primate, barmy backgarden critters, a school boy avoiding peril in the afterlife, interviews with historic skeletal famous people fresh from the grave, mysteries, tall tales, sneak peeks of kid's books, and for those who want to get their own comic craft on, there's a section on How to Draw Your Own Comics (involving a monkey wearing a hat. You can't go wrong with a monkey in hat).

Issue 0 was released into the wild at Waitrose at the end of 2011 and yesterday Issue 1 landed smack bang in the middle of The Times Newspaper, and was launched at a marvellous tea-and-cake-filled shindig at the site of the future Story Museum in Oxford (due to open in 2014 and very exciting indeed). The Phoenix will be available in Waitrose every single week! Woo hoo!

phoenix_team_comic.jpgI attended yesterday's launch and can confirm that work that has gone into it is well worth it. After two issues I am already hooked and I'm a grown up (though some close friends will throw doubt on that). I subscribed as soon as I finished issue 2 and very excited that this lovely comic will be dropping through my door weekly.

Even better I'll be interviewing many of the different comic strip creators from The Phoenix right here on Crafty Crafty to see what makes each one tick and how they go from wild idea to well-crafted comic. Exciting, no?

Dash headlong over to The Phoenix website now to read more about it, sneak a peek at Issue 0 online and subscribe so you don't miss a copy.

[All images © The Phoenix]

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