Crafty trendwatch: the Beard Hat

prjonsdottir_beard_hat.jpg Above: The original "beardcap" by Icelandic designer Vik Prjonsdottir.

Newsflash: it's still cold out. May I suggest a beard hat?

Back in the UK I would have seen the beard hat as an alluring superfluity: it just didn't get that cold (sorry guys, it didn't!)

But now that I'm back in New York, traipsing around looking for an apartment, the fact that my face might be susceptible to frostbite is suddenly a massive concern.

beardo-beard-hat-2.jpgAbove: Beard hats for would-be beardies by Beardo.

Enter the beard hat. Basically a modern, more whimsical version of a balaclava, the beard hat is now - officially - a thing.

Icelandic designer Vik Prjonsdottir is widely credited with its current vogue. An artist and creator of incredible knitwear - her blankets are particularly fab - Vik drew her inspiration for the beard hat from the traditional headgear of Icelandic shepherds.

The original beard hat - or beard cap, as Vik puts it - is still on sale. I've coveted one for ages, but it's a tiny bit pricey (the premium you pay for being able to say your beard hat is made from Icelandic wool!)

Luckily, the internet is there to help all of us to beard hat nirvana. Try this tutorial to knit a beard hat, or this one to crochet one.

beard_hat_lady.jpgLeft: momwithahook's beard hat is a temptingly toasty intermediate crochet pattern.

Or simply buy a new model from Canadian company Beardo. Their model comes with a detachable beard for those who might not fancy sporting such a massive amount of knitted facial hair on a daily basis.

Or hit Vik up, for a beard hat which is practically a work of art.

Either way, a beard hat is well within the grasp of any of us.

What's your verdict on the beard hat? Is it just a bit too far to go for winter facial warmth? Comments please!

Crafty trendwatch: the Beard Hat - Comments

  • Ellen Lindner

    Hi Crystal! I generated some of my own sightings this past weekend...I went on a trip to France and rocked the beard hat (my own handmade model - tutorial coming soon to Crafty Crafty) each night. Got some crazy looks from strangers, and had a lot of fun surprising pals not expecting to see me in a beard! I have faith that the Midwest will be beard hat territory soon - maybe not in the classroom, but everywhere else is fair game, IMHO! :)

  • Crystal

    There are no words...but I'm an artist, and I say if you like it wear it! I live in the midwest, so I probably won't be seeing any for a long time if ever. Too "weird" for folks here! I'd be tempted to wear one to see what sort of response I'd get...especially from the kids (i'm also a teacher.) Any spottings there yet?

  • Ellen Lindner

    Ha ha...not yet! I heard rumors the other day (from a very reliable source) of a Soho, NYC sighting - the person who spotted the beard hat described the effect as unnerving, but envy inducing. It's been so cold in New York lately, another sighting is just a matter of time! I'll keep you posted...thanks for your comment.

  • CrochetAndTubbs

    Loving the beard hat! Anyone actually seen one in the wild?!

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