How to: make a Lego Starship Enterprise

Lego-Starship-Enterprise.jpgWouldn't it be great to own your very own Starship Enterprise? You could be firing phasers at Borg, shouting at your chief engineer and ordering 'Tea. Earl Grey.' hot from your replicator in true Star Trek style. Well now you can make your own. With Lego!

This Mini Lego Starship Enterprise tutorial from Monsterlego over at Instructables will make it easy to rustle up your own Enterprise with your little plastic friends. Ok so you might not be able to fit into it but you could hold it in your hand and just run about the room making zooming noises. The important thing is that you'll have one of your very own.

The combination of Lego and geek craft is always a lovely thing. Lego long and prosper, people.

How to: make a Lego Starship Enterprise - Comments

  • Irene

    I know a little boy who would be zooming with this in his hand! Im just back from doing Granny duty at Rooti Tooti HQ and missing my daily Lego sessions with an expert 4 year old!

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