How to: turn your gloves into iPhone / Smartphone gloves

iphone_gloves_make.jpgIt's cold! You want to text to say you're going to be late but you're worried your fingers will drop off from the winter chill. You have two options, shell out for a hideous pair of manufactured iPhone gloves or stick with your own gloves and live with it. Or you could ask a knitted pigeon how to turn your own gloves into iPhone gloves...

Over at Whodunnknit the very cute Cooey the Pigeon has started her very own crafty how to series. Cooey, knitted pigeon star of my Stitch London book, is a crafty pigeon lady and she's starting the series with How to make iPhone / Touchscreen gloves.

The best part about this how to, apart from the fact that you're being told how to make something by a woolly amigurumi bird, is that you can use it to 'touchscreenify' any pair of gloves you like. You're not stuck wearing the smartphone gloves from the shops. You can mod your handknitted gloves or that fabulous pair of gloves you found at a vintage store (as long as you don't mind a little thread on one of the fingers).

All you need is some conductive thread, a needle and a little advice from a knitted pigeon. Your iPhone / touchscreen / iPad / Android and you will be reunited at last. No matter what the weather. In your face, Winter!

Happy winter texting, Crafty Crafters!

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