Incredibly creepy crochet masks

lanzini_crochet_mask.jpgCrochet can be an utterly beautiful thing, as projects such as the Crochet Coral Reef have shown us, but then again it can also wander into the woolly realms of handmade horror. The crochet masks of Aldo Lanzini fall granny-squarely into the category of crocharrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhh!

There isn't much to go on on the artist's website (which I left feeling like I'd been away for a very long time and needed hot sweet tea) but there's a little more info over at Cool Hunting, where they cover Missoni's Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show in which the 30 ushers all wore Lanzini's masks.

According to the article the masks are "the condition of contemporary man, some kind of conscious schizophrenia." Though I prefer the quote from his own website "Learn from the spider. Make your own web."

A crafty motto to live by, once you get over the sight of human eyes blinking out from those crazy crochet faces. Cold weather wear for people who want to guarantee a bit of room on public transport, perhaps?

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