New Year inspiration: Sculpted books


Above: Part of Biblios

Welcome to the year of the Dragon and a new year of crafty goodness! I'm sure that many people's New Year resolution's will be to be more crafty in one way or another. For me, I'd like to go to more exhibitions and see more crafty stars and their work in the flesh.

When I stumbled upon the work of Guy Laramee I was totally drawn into his work. It's so highly detailed and I love the level of skill that it must involve to create his book sculptures. He has been practicing his craft for 30 years and it really shows.

Laramee creates each piece out of books, with his two collections titled Biblios and The Great Wall.  He has drawn on nature and history to inspire him and sculpted each book to create great landscapes, with the art telling its own story related to, but different to, the text the books hold.

I would love to see these pieces in person and see the craftmanship up close, however his shows in 2012 are based in Canada, which may be a little stretch for this girl's New Year's resolutions!

Left: Part of The Great Wall

[Image via This is Colossal]

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