Starter craft: how to draw animals (and other things)

draw_a_fox.jpg"I wish I could draw" I hear many folks sigh when I tell them I share a studio with two children's illustrators. One thing I have learned it that anyone can draw. Even those of us who think we have two left hands.

Drawing is all about shapes and lines and once you have the hang of those you can pretty much draw anything. Don't believe me? Then check out this 'How to Draw a Fox' by Owen Davey, author of Foxley's Feast, which was featured in The Guardian's How to Draw series.

The tutorial begins with a banana and takes you through each stage of drawing your very own foxy fellow, from the initial pencilling to the finished inked creature. Once you know how it's really very easy, and you can apply the 'shapes' method to lots of things you want to draw.

There are loads of other great How to Draw's too. I heart Simon Lia's How to Draw a Rabbit , How to Draw a Penguin by Oliver Jeffers and How to Draw a Yeti by Alex Milway.

There's a budding animal inker in there somewhere. Set them free!

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  • Emma

    Oh! I love this. Obviously the Yeti is pretty awesome!

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