Copyright controversy: Tatty Devine designs at Claire's Accessories?

tatty_devine_claires.jpgTwitter has become the traditional copyright-controversy herald ever since the incident between Paperchase and Hidden Eloise back in February 2010. It seems that big companies can't keep their paws off independent designer's hard work, or that they don't try hard enough to ensure they're getting designs from trustworthy sources.

Sadly this possible copyright infringement reared its very ugly head today with the case of the fabulous Tatty Devine and the folks at Claire's Accessories.

We've been long admirers of Tatty's kooky bling, and have always kept an eye on them for craft trends. From the evidence it seems others have been doing the same.

The story began with this tweet from @tattydevine at 6.30pm this evening. By 10pm the tweets were flying fast and furious, as Twitters crafty army got hold of the story.


If you'd like to make up your own mind you can see examples of the five pieces side by side over on Tatty Devine's blog post Can you spot the difference?

So far there has been no comment from Claire's on the growing number of tweets and Facebook posts (all of which are appeared to have been removed from their Facebook wall. I can vouch that mine was and I now appear to be banned, despite the fact it was more of an enquiry than an accusation).

You can let Claire's know your opinion on Twitter, Facebook and via email

Here's hoping the issue is resolved soon. And that the big sellers are more savvy from here on in. And if you're worried about your designs going walkies there are ways to help protect them.

What do you think, Crafty Crafters? Huge crafty co-incidence? Or something more sinister?

[Images via Tatty Devine's blog]

Copyright controversy: Tatty Devine designs at Claire's Accessories? - Comments


    They charge around 130 for the necklace when you can sell it for a fiver? it means they are selling it for a stupidly high price. It looks the same so why is one a fiver and one 130 pound? 

  • deadlyknitshade

    Tatty Devine make designer pieces that are made from quality materials and are original pieces. Hence the price.

    Claire's mass produce cheaply which is why they are cheaper.

    People pay more for quality designer pieces. That is how fashion works. People are buying a brand, I guess.

  • Bella4370

    If they liked the designs they should have employed the designer.  Is there nothing that can be done?

  • deadlyknitshade

    According to Twitter Tatty Devine have spoken to their lawyers and are trying to resolve the issue. Fingers crossed they get it sorted.

  • ellenlindna

    What the - ?  Extremely shocking stuff - Claire's should be ashamed!  

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